Non-compliance with GDPR requirements exposes organization to administrative fines up to 4% of the total global revenue or 20 million euro whichever is bigger. To get such a drastic fine company should really drastically neglect regulation requirements. However, GDPR regulation takes privacy more serious then any regulation before and organizations should definitely reconsider their approach to data privacy.

Quick positioning allows all stakeholders understand overall organization’s ability to protect privacy related data and its exposure to related risk in terms of direct financial impact.

Quick positioning provides standardized expert view of the current organization’s GDPR compliance and PD (personal data) management maturity level which:

  • is easy to understand to all stakeholders (owners, clients, regulators, business managers, IT staff, legal…),
    enables GDPR benchmarking,
  • estimates the size of the administrative fine organization is exposed to because of inadequate management of PD.


We’ll need to identify your staff required for interviewing and their availability. Typically, up to five people can provide all the answers. Send a formal work order and we can agree about the schedule. Once we start, it can be done in five days. Assessment phase takes three days, while positioning and reporting take another two. It can all be done using video conferencing solution.


Quick positioning methodology is designed to help organizations understand the value of personal data they collect, store and process. Understanding the project complexity and priority are common issues faced by the organizations considering GDPR implementation, which slows down the execution and increases risk of meeting compliance deadlines and facing big administrative fees. Quick positioning provides executive report aimed to help you efficiently overcome this challenges.


  • Executive summary continuing explaining organization's personal data protection maturity and areas to focus to
  • Per domain scores
  • GDPR readiness score
  • Administrative fine exposure evaluation
  • Benchmarking results
  • Optional management presentation is recommended for organizations without existing personal data management responsibilities deployed.


Initial set of benchmarking data has been created based on the historical information collected in 15 years of data management and protection practices assessments in Europe and United States for industries we have experience with, including:

  • Financial industry
  • Telecommunication
  • Energy sector
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Government

Download GDPR positioning white-paper

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