Privacy policy:

The web page is intended to present the services of Ostendo Consulting Group, in the following text OCG, more precisely its member:

Ostendo Consulting Ltd. 352 Fulham Road, SW10 9UH, London, United Kingdom and

Ostendo Consulting d.o.o. Lanište 5e, 10020 Zagreb.

Personal data – The purpose of its collection and process

The personal data that the visitors voluntarily leave by filling-out the contact form on the OCG website will be used solely for the purpose of providing information about the product and services of OCG in the area which the visitor expressed their interest.
For communicating with visitors, OCG uses the MailChimp Internet Service, which is why the personal data is exported to the US. The protection of personal data between the US and the EU was regulated by an international agreement. Mailchimp and Ostendo Consulting was signed by the Data Processing Agreement.

The rights of the respondents

The visitor has the right to at any-time view and update his / her contact information at if he or she wishes to be deleted permanently, contact the electronic mail address at the bottom of this document.

Personal data – the legal basis for collection and process

The visitors of OCG`s website, through requiring the professional materials and offers, clearly shows interest in some of the professional departments and services that the OCG deals with. In accordance to Article 6 (1) (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation, the OCG has the legitimate interest to inform such visitors about the services for which they have expressed interest and it is deemed and expect such communication.

Any informative message sent to users on the basis of legitimate interest (as described above) makes it possible to simply serve an objection for sending of such messages, and in such case the same objection will be accepted and acted upon unconditionally.

Third Party

Apart from the above-described needs, the OCG will not disclose any personal information to the third parties.

Internet address

Visitors’ Internet (IP) addresses are used mainly for the making of statistical reports through Google Analytics. OCG cannot uniquely identify visitors through an IP address.


We really care about your privacy!

This site does not use third party nor tracking cookies. You will not be tracked, nor targeted with our marketing activities if you don’t express interest for our services by willingly providing your contact information. Only cookies you may get at this site are required for site functionality and won’t have any impact to your privacy.

We consider it ethical business behaviour.


Website authentication on can be authenticated by checking the certificate in the Internet browser.

The information exchanged with the OCG server is secured with a strong encryption.

The providers of services that include access to personal data that is seconded for usage, OCG selects based on risk assessment, and from every third party that has access to such data requires an adequate level of protection of personal data.


For more information on personal data protection and the OCG privacy policy, you can contact and using the same address to inquire the fulfillment of your privacy protection of personal data.


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