Our relationship with Ostendo Consulting’s services dates back to 2016 when got introduced to them by another US-based Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) we were utilizing at the time. Initially, our requirement was to receive advisory and support for our Sales pipeline through simple security and privacy assessments. However, in March 2017, we decided to take a more significant step and engaged Ostendo Consulting to establish an Enterprise-grade, scalable, and robust information security and data protection program to meet the growing demands of our Enterprise customers. I distinctly remember one of the VPs from the US-based MSSP who introduced us, remarking, “You folks have secured the deal of the century.” While the statement may have not been entirely clear to us then, I can confidently say that it holds clear truth since then and even to this day. Working with Biljana and Stanko (from Ostendo) has been a true breath of fresh air. Their approach is characterized by strong contextual business and people awareness coupled with a commitment to providing quality services while empowering their customers to become more self-sufficient. We have achieved numerous successes with the support of Ostendo Consulting, including how they assisted in building a security program that aligns with our company’s culture. Ostendo has helped us navigate and focus on improving organizational and technical security controls and processes that are both fit for purpose and cost-effective. Within a year, leveraging Ostendo’s support, we achieved ISO 27001 certification. Ostendo Consulting has been an invaluable partner in our business journey, enabling pragmatic and clearly measurable changes that have had a significant impact on our organization. We continue to rely on them as trusted security and compliance advisors to this day.

Hati Chindove
Head of Information Security and Privacy