About the firm

OSTENDO CONSULTING is family owned information security and risk management consultancy firm. It is established in London and Zagreb in 2011, by Biljana and Stanko Cerin – a married couple having more than 15 years of experience in providing information security advisory services to clients doing business in highly regulated and security demanding industries including:
• Oil and gas
• Telecommunication
• Financial industry
• Health
• Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
• Utility
• Government
Since its establishment, firm is providing services to most demanding clients, many of them being world leaders in their respective industries. Business model based on the wide network of highly experienced consultants and partnering organizations around the globe enables providing experts with very specific experiences in information security and risk management challenges our clients face. Many of our consultants are either directly or through their organizations involved in regulation, technical and organizational standards design. Because of that, OSTENDO CONSULTING is ideal advisor for organizations making strategic decisions about their information security risk management and compliance strategies.

How we feel about consulting

Consulting for us, is a term for helping our clients recognize and achieve their goals faster and with less risk than on their own. Being a consultant is about gathering knowledge from different projects and bringing competence and experience in an efficient way. It’s about efficient communication, not only between the consultant and the client. It’s about creating positive atmosphere within the project team and supporting efficient, goal oriented communication between all team members. It’s not only about giving the advice; it’s much more about reaching the goal together. It’s about understanding company culture and being able to embrace it. It’s about saying what you know, and asking what you don’t know. Consulting is about being competent, experienced, communicative and above all, honest.

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