From the very beginning, our mission at Repsly was clear – to become a leading player in our market by earning the trust of top-tier enterprise customers. To achieve this, we knew that developing secure and reliable software and service was essential. However, we also understood the challenges of maintaining high security standards in a constantly evolving business landscape. Striking the right balance between innovation and security was crucial.

At a crucial juncture in our growth, we recognized the need to formalize our security processes and meet our customers’ expectations efficiently. That’s when we decided to partner with Ostendo Consulting, a renowned name in cybersecurity, and appointed Stanko Cerin to lead the charge.

Working closely with the Ostendo team, we were impressed by their grasp of our company culture. They integrated security measures into our existing processes seamlessly, enabling our growth without introducing unnecessary burdens.

Within six months, we fulfilled our customers’ stringent security requirements and obtained the ISO 27001 certification. This milestone validated our commitment to security and gave us a competitive edge. With this certification, our brand gained trust and credibility, making us a preferred choice for enterprise clients seeking a secure retail execution platform.

Outsourcing the CISO function to Ostendo Consulting proved game-changing. It provided us expertise and ensured efficient security management, freeing us to focus on innovation and customer service.

Today, our security processes set us apart from rivals and help to position Repsly as a leader in the market. Our enterprise clients recognize the added value we bring, and security has become a cornerstone of our brand identity.

As the CEO, I take pride in how we transformed security into a strategic asset. Our success story stands as a testament to the power of embracing security, innovation, and strategic partnerships. We continue to push boundaries, driving the industry forward while keeping our customers’ data secure.

Matthew Brogie, CEO