At Infoedge, we strongly believe that delivering concise, actionable, and business-oriented advice, and assisting customers in implementing it, generates exceptional business value — a quality that only a select few consultancies provide.

When it comes to supporting our clients in GRC projects, we have formed a fruitful partnership with Ostendo Consulting for nearly a decade. Together, we have successfully resolved various challenges for numerous US companies, spanning from dynamic and thriving startups to Fortune 500 enterprises and major employers in the United States.

These challenges have included establishing robust processes for information security risk assessment and management, conducting thorough information security risk assessments and building strong risk management programs. We have also worked well together defining meaningful privacy roadmaps for clients operating in different regulatory environments, as well as assessing our clients’ compliance with international standards and cyber security frameworks.

With their extensive expertise across diverse industries such as finance, retail, hospitality, healthcare, IT services, and more, Ostendo’s team possesses a remarkable ability to comprehend customers’ business models, IT systems, operational workflows, and corporate culture. They seamlessly integrate into any team, and consistently deliver highly valuable and fully actionable recommendations.