As a prominent and rapidly expanding hospitality company operating in the highly competitive market of Croatia’s picturesque coastline, we place utmost importance on ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. Our relentless commitment to surpassing guest expectations has led us to recognize the significance of privacy in the hotel industry. Therefore, we have embraced the GDPR as the next pivotal step in elevating our service standards for our esteemed guests.

To effectively navigate the complex requirements of the GDPR, we engaged the expertise of Ostendo Consulting. Under the leadership of Stanko Cerin, Ostendo’s team demonstrated an exceptional ability to swiftly grasp our business model, comprehend the role of our IT systems in achieving our objectives, and familiarize themselves with our corporate culture and operational processes. In a remarkably short time following the project’s commencement, we received a comprehensive roadmap detailing the necessary actions to ensure GDPR compliance.

Over the course of a six-month project overseen by Ostendo, we successfully implemented all essential measures to ensure efficient management and robust security of personal data. Our valued guests can rest assured knowing that their personal information is handled with complete transparency and afforded the highest level of protection.

Zrinka Bokulić, President of the Board