Why do US companies need GDPR training?

Privacy professionals, management, security professionals and all employees dealing with personal data should take care about privacy and personal data protection. 

Training provided by the Ostendo Consulting is developed for specific needs of US companies facing multiple privacy regulation requirements. 

Understanding EU GDPR and the way it affects US companies

This is half day training for all those who’d like to understand if their business has to comply with GDPR, why and what is the best possible way for them to achieve adequate level of compliance. Attendees will learn how to clearly distinguish if their companies have to comply with GDPR and in what extent. They will learn how this can impact their business and what are best possible options to consider.

GDPR Auditor training

This three days course will train attendees for conducting GDPR audits using proven methodology. To ensure objective information about the achieved GDPR compliance level organization should either conduct regular internal GDPR audits or outsource GDPR audit to an independent third party. GDPR audit methodology has been successfully tested in various industries with companies with various sizes and is proven to be fast and efficient.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) training

Three days DPO course is designed to provide overview of the DPO tasks, and ensure attendees will understand both, the regulation and the personal data protection principles in extent required to successfully deal with daily DPO tasks.

Legitimate Interest assessment workshop

Many organizations rely on consent as a legal basis for personal data processing. However, relying on the legitimate interest provides mush more options for the business and has clear value.  This training is specifically designed to help organizations understand the benefits of relying on legitimate interest in personal data processing and objectively evaluate the balance between their interest to process personal data and data subject’s privacy rights. 

Personal data management training

During this three-day workshop attendees will learn what exactly has to be done for achieving GDPR compliance, how to align it with the US regulation and how to establish processes for efficient personal data management to maintain the compliance.

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