Building business with security in mind is the only way of building business today. For modern organizations information security matters the most. No matter what kind of business your organization develops, you are collecting information. You collect, store and process at least information about:

  • Your products
  • Know-how
  • Employees
  • Business partners

In some cases, you can have sensitive privacy information or even classified information. Loosing information could seriously impact your business in number of ways. Your know-how can be stolen by competitor so you could lose competitive advantage. You could leak sensitive data and got fined.

Most important, data security breaches can result in catastrophic reputational damage.

Organizations without specialized security experts don’t know they are vulnerable until it is too late. Security unaware organizational culture is hard to change, so building security culture must be part of building successful business.

We understand small companies can’t always afford full time information security manager. This is why we offer remote CISO service – a dedicated, affordable and highly experienced security management expert, with team of experts specialized for different technologies supporting him in his job.

What remote CISO does?

Remote CISO will communicate with you using video or audio conferencing solutions. He’s job is to understand your business, what kind of information you have and analyze security measures implemented to protect your information. CISO will help you define and deploy responsibilities for information security and make security part of everyone’s day to day work and help your organization build security aware culture which will enable your business growth.