Cardholder sensitive information is top priority for payment solution providers and merchants. This is why vendors introduced PCI DSS. A strict set of rules and requirements which have to be followed to protect the cardholders. PCI DSS implementation and maintenance is expensive, takes time and resources. However, recommendation provided by the Council is to narrow the scope of implementation as much as possible. This is how organizations are forced not to keep cardholder information they don’t really need and protect those they keep. Narrowing the scope should also result in simplifying the complexity of the IT systems and as a result, increasing the security because simple system’s security is easier to supervise and maintain. Not to mention it takes less resources and costs less.

Are you sure your PCI DSS scope is well optimized? Are you getting easy to understand information about the security of cardholder information you keep? Are you sure you are aware of all such information your organization is responsible for?

Call us to talk about our PCI DSS scope optimization solution. Our reports clearly show what kind of sensitive data is stored in your organization, where is it, and is it adequately protected. We provide recommendations for organizational and technology changes that can lower your cost, increase security and help you comply with PCI DSS requirements.