Audit report provides an unbiased and objective information about the current level of compliance with the GDPR and other applicable privacy regulation.

Based on the clearly defined methodology, compliance audit is the most efficient way to describe organization’s GDPR compliance status to top management, owners, data subjects, data protection authority and other stakeholders.


Based on the applicable regulation and international personal data security and management standards, GDPR Audit methodology clearly defines:

  • privacy compliance requirements,
  • audit plan design requirements,
  • auditing procedure,
  • audit and compliance valuation criteria for each requirement,
  • audit report design standard,
  • management review requirements,
  • preventive and corrective activities supervision and
  • auditor evaluation criteria.

Audit planning method and audit procedure are designed to ensure comprehensiveness of the audit scope and risk base audit focus.

Why GDPR audit

Management is responsible to ensure business is conducted in way to comply with applicable law and regulation. GDPR Audit report provides unbiased professional evaluation of the current compliance level which:

  • evaluates applicability of each GDPR requirement to the audited organization,
  • describes how organization is compliant with each and every compliance requirement,
  • evaluates efficiency of implemented measures in achieving compliance with the applicable requirements,
  • evaluates overall organization’s GDPR compliance level,
  • identifies non-compliances and opportunities for improvement and
  • provides recommendations for improvement where applicable.

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