OCPP available on-line

After receiving a positive and encouraging opinion about the OCPP exam by the Croatian Data Protection Agency (which is now EDPB member organisation) back in October 2017, we spent more than two years dealing with few challenges. We wanted to make the exam widely available, meaning candidates must be able to take the exam online, from their offices or homes. After evaluating technologies, we could use to supervise the candidate during the exam, including remote proctoring and AI we found the complete approach privacy too intrusive. Finally, we realized that exam is supposed to evaluate candidate’s knowledge and ability to conduct the DPO function, so we decided to create a real life DPO experience test.

Now, OCPP is available on-line without the use of intrusive technologies. It’s an open-book exam with questions designed to put the candidate into the real-life situation and motivate him/her think. While some answers can be found on the internet, some just can’t. Time limitation allows for some browsing, but the fact is, DPO can use external sources in real life too, so why should exam be different. It’s about knowing the basic facts, understanding the point of GDPR and DPO job, being able to find the required information fast and knowing how to make decisions.

Next step is looking for partners who can help us translate questions and add local regulation specifics in non-English speaking EU countries.

In the meantime, we proudly present the OCPP. Click here to go to OCPP web site.