DPO candidate selection service

The employment of the Data Protection Officer is responsibility of the top management. The DPO is responsible for the compliance of personal data protection, personal data security in the organization, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of investment in the protection of personal data, any exposure to damages and penalties in case of violation of the Regulation.

The DPO is an individual who communicates with the supervisory body on behalf of the organization and depending on his / her ability, to make any decision by the supervisory body that is related to the management of the protection of personal data within the organization. Bearing in mind the millions of costs the organization may be exposed to as a violation of the protection of personal data, it is clear that every organization that manages a significant amount of personal data, especially if one manages sensitive data, has to hire a top expert as a DPO.

Ostendo consulting offers the service of candidate selection for the position of Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO ). The automated knowledge test according to the methodology approved by the Personal Data Protection Agency provides objective and transparent indicators of candidates’ readiness to perform these tasks.

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