Democracy – Zagreb’s premier film about GDPR

Organized by GONG and the Information Commissioner on Friday, March 2, 2018. in Zagreb was the premiere of a film about the emergence of one of the most controversial regulations in the history of the EU – GDPR.
Democracy: Im Rausch der Daten is the work of the Swiss director David Barnett, who spent five years at the GDPR plants following their work. If you wish to understand what GDPR really is, how a law was created that cannot be interpreted just by lawyers, what it is and how it affects society, you can watch the movie here.

The representatives of the Croatian organizations with the largest impact on the protection of personal data, after the film they presented to the guests presented how Croatia is compliant with GDPR, and what is the impact of the protection of personal data and new regulations on the Croatian citizens. This panel was attended by representatives of AZOP (Personal Data Protection Agency), Faculty of Law in Zagreb, Croatian Telecom as these are the companies that systematically processes large amounts of personal data, and Ostendo Consulting – the regional leading advisory firm in the field of personal data protection.