GDPR Masterclass packed to the last seat

In a full auditorium at Hotel Antunović 28.February.2018. , the GDPR Masterclass Ostendo Consulting gathered hundreds of experts in personal data protection and privacy. During the four panels, experts  discussed the most challenging topics regarding personal data protection.

Regarding the challenges of the most complex GDPR compliance projects, on the first panel alongside the experts from Ostendo Consulting, special guests from three completely different industries joined in the discussion. Darja Lončar Dušanović (Data Protection Officer at Croatian Telecom), approached the participants of the GDPR project’s significance in a high-tech global telecommunications company. Ivan Brckan ( Belupo Data Protection Officer ), presented the significance of the GDPR implementation in the pharmaceutical industry, while Melita Margić ( GLS data officer ), spoke about GDPR compliance in a bundle distribution.

Curiosity among consultants was sparked by by the panel-topic regarding the most common GDPR misapprehensions. It was explained that the Regulation does not only protect EU citizens as it is often claimed, but the scope of its application is somewhat different, so there are situations where the EU citizens are not protected by the Regulation, and cases in which the Regulation protects non-EU citizens. It is a common misconception that everyone has have a Data Protection Officer. Although, while it is a good practice to have an individual whose job is the protection of personal data, it is only an obligation when processing is carried out by the public authority, processing large quantities of personal data or processing special categories. Systematic monitoring of respondents is the main job of the processor and the controller.

Like everything else, personal data protection is the responsibility of the management, not the personal Data Protection Officer ( DPO ). His job is to advise the management in regards to personal data protection. The panel also talked about the certification of the Personal Data Protection Officer, this does not exist, but there are certain exams in order to verify the knowledge of the candidates knowledge. Over 20 topics were covered on this panel.

On the third panel, SAP has presented some of their data management solutions, and it was clear to all the participants that effective personal data management is a precondition for their successful protection.

In the end, the panel participants discussed the proposal of the change in the law Regulation in Croatia, and invited participants to participate actively in public hearings.

The GDPR Masterclass is the first professional event in Croatia where the best experts in the field of personal data protection can share the experiences gained throughout their projects.

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