OCPP Exam gets a formal opinion of the Personal Data Protection Agency

Ostendo Consulting received an official statement from the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency in Croatia class: 004-01 / 17-01 / 28 of October 15, 2017. on the adequacy of the criteria for the examination of professional qualifications and knowledge of law and practices in the field of data protection and ability to perform the tasks of the personal data protection officer.

With few improvement recommendations which were immediately accepted and implemented, and Agency informed, Agency briefly points out that,

taking into consideration professional domains which are required for conducting Data Protection Officer’s tasks, there are no objections with regards to the professional domains covered by the exam.

The Agency welcomes the interest for organising DPO education which contributes to further development of the personal data protection standards and individuals’ rights and freedoms.

The Agency additionally points out that Supervisory Body doesn’t have to take the OCPP certificate as the only evidence of the DPO’s competence and can also ask for additional evidences.

Ostendo Consulting will continue developing the exam to make it available globally and ensure OCPP certified professionals to be best DPOs on the market.

Croatian Data Protection Agency is a member of the European Data Protection Board.

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